Fair Trade Organisations and Artisans

The list below shows all the organisations and artisans who Voyage has worked with now or in the past, directly or indirectly and the type of products they sell. Click on any name in the list to read more about the fair trade organisation or artisan.



Fair Trade Organisations

ASHA Handicrafts Association (carpets, paper mache earrings, wood products, stone ornaments, brass silver jewellery) -Mumbai, India

Aspiration International (Wooden gifts and homeware) – Delhi, India

Bezalila (Recycled tin models) – Madagascar

Kisac Fair Trade Co-operative (Soapstone Ornaments) – Tabaka, Kenya

Noah’s Ark (Recycled metal ornaments) – Moradabad, near Delhi, India

TARA Projects (Soapstone ornaments and homeware made from recycled computers) – Delhi, India














Nyoman (Driftwood and tropical wooden ornaments) – Bali, Indonesia

Kaka (Recycled metal comical animal models) – Bali, Indonesia