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My first business meeting with a supplier: Aspiration International!

They kindly picked us up from our hotel and took us to their headquarters. Wow, they were so accommodating, always offering us char (Indian tea) and drinks of water. They had brought several artisans from all over northern India to meet up with Voyage Fairtrade! One guy had travelled 11 hours just to show us his products!!

It was amazing the number of products they sold! What they kept saying to me was they could change the dimensions, material and/or design of anything. They had thousands of goods, some were too antique-looking and ornate for Voyage’s range, but some designs were trendy and contemporary. They said they could put my logo on any of the products.

After talking with the artisans and staff and taking photos, we were introduced to the founder of Aspiration International, Padam, aged 84. Padam then invited us to his home for dinner. We had a fantastic meal with him and his family. Everyone was so nice and friendly. In spite of still feeling pretty jet-lagged, I enjoyed it all.