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Indian music is so relaxing and beautiful espially when it wakes you up when someone starts playing outside on the street!

Jackson Pollock would have had a field day today: paint everywhere…..vivid orange, red, purple, green, yellow and blue! All due to the fact it’s the festival of Holi and the Indians celebrate by throwing paint (powdered) at each other (and unsuspecting tourists). Holi is an ancient Hindu festival which signifies the victory of good over evil and when people celebrate the beginning of spring, play and laugh, forgive and forget AND chuck paint at each other! Anyone is fair game; no one is safe from this crazy paint throwing!

At the beginning of the day, we did not fancy going out and risking it, so we thought we would just play it safe and simply go into the hotel reception to use the computer and….the security guard, laughing his head off, chucked a load of paint at us….

Enjoying paint throwing at the Holi Festival

Voyage and staff at the hotel enjoying Holi Festival

After that, we thought this could be fun - let’s go out and have some more of this!! We decided to go to India Gate. Sure enough, we were attacked again. Everyone was laughing and having a really good time. Now we were getting more of a multi-coloured look. We then walked to Connaught Place (the main financial and business centre in Delhi) On the way, we were approached by a man with a basket who then sat down in front of us, lifted the lid on the basket to reveal a cobra in full strike mode. The guy asked me to hold the basket and then put a very small pathetic-looking snake around Dad’s neck. We asked a passing soldier to take some photos, as you do! At least we knew we were safe! In Connaught Place, which is one of the largest financial, commercial and business centres, a couple arrived in Tuck-Tuck and the girl came over and gave Dad and I a real dusting of bright yellow and red on the side of his head. Children were getting involved in Holi in a big way – often throwing balloon water bombs and then hiding behind a wall and giggling :)!

Me at Connaught Place, Delhi after an Indian spatters me with paint!

Outside Connaught Place, at Holi Festival

On a more serious note, there is such a difference between different areas of Delhi; the Connaught Place area actually had litter bins, zebra crossings, traffic lights. All nice and green – and no sign of cows showing the extent of the contrast of the rich and poor!

Anyway, I am going to sleep now, I am absolutely whacked and need to be on top form tomorrow as I am meeting Aspiration International who are picking me up at 10a.m.